Period Delay

Period delay medication is an option for women who wish to avoid their lifestyle having to fit around their natural cycle. Many occasions such as a holiday or significant event can often be made less enjoyable when having to manage your period. By using a safe and effective medication to delay your period, you can focus on other things with one less worry on your mind.
Norethisterone tablets delay the process of menstruation. Most women have their period within 30 days from the start of the last, whereas using a period delay tablet will extend the duration before your period up to a further 17 days.
Norethisterone is a period delay medication that contains progestogen-type hormones.

Delaying your period means preventing the hormone levels from decreasing after ovulation. When the hormones decrease, this kick-starts the process that results in your monthly bleeding.

By providing you with the additional hormones, your natural cycle is affected, and the process of menstruation is prevented.

Norethisterone is taken approximately three days before the anticipated start of your period, then continued to be taken three times per day until you wish to resume your period. Once Norethisterone has been stopped, your period is expected to start within three days.
Yes, Norethisterone will change the date of your cycle, but not indefinitely. Your period will be delayed up to 17 days, depending on how long you take Norethisterone. After you discontinue taking norethisterone, your period will begin within approximately three days.

The date the period restarts is your new cycle date, and your next period thereafter should start 30 days after this.

Norethisterone is a safe and widely used medication. There is no evidence that suggests your period will be heavier when it arrives and many women suggest symptoms can often be lighter than usual. The effect on your cycle timings is only short term and your body will correct itself.

Norethisterone is not a contraceptive and should not be used in conjunction with a contraceptive pill (either combined or progestogen-only).


Can delay periods for up to 17 days
Ideal for significant events or holidays

From £13.99



Can delay periods for up to 17 days
Ideal for significant events or holidays

From £17.99

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