• more regular and lighter periods
• Better menstrual control
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Qlaira is a contraceptive pill and is used to prevent pregnancy and the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding in women who wish to use oral contraception. Each coloured, active tablet contains a small amount of female hormones, either estradiol valerate, or estradiol valerate combined with dienogest.
Take one pill every day for 28 days until the packet is finished then start your next packet.
Each wallet contains 26 coloured active tablets and 2 white inactive-tablets. Take one tablet of Qlaira every day, if necessary with a small amount of water. You may take the tablets with or without food, but you should take the tablets at around the same time every day.

If you use Qlaira in this manner, you are protected against pregnancy even during the 2 days
when you take inactive tablets.
Qlaira is 99% effective when taken correctly.
Common side effects (between 1 and 10 in every 100 users may be affected) include headache, abdominal pain, nausea, acne, no periods, breast discomfort, painful periods, irregular bleeding (heavy irregular bleeding) and weight gain.
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