Olive Oil Ear Drops (Care)

Olive oil ear drops 10ml
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Olive Oil Ear Drops gently soften the wax in your ear and remove ear wax to help relieve discomfort in your ear.

Olive Oil Ear Drops

What are Olive Oil Ear Drops?

Olive Oil Ear Drops are a 100% natural way of helping to reduce ear wax. Care ear drops contain 100% natural extra virgin oil that gently softens and removes ear wax. They are scientifically shown to disperse ear wax and thereby helps to easily remove ear wax and blockages.

How will Olive Oil Ear Drops unblock my ears?

Olive Oil Ear Drops work by softening the ear wax blocking your ear canal, which helps the fax to naturally fall out or prepares it to be syringed out easier by a doctor or nurse.
How to use Care Olive Oil Ear Drops:
For adults and children over 1:
• Tilt head sideways with the affected ear facing upwards.
• Using the dropper, place 2-3 drops of the oil into the ear, then gently massage around the outside of the ear.
• Keep the head tilted for a few minutes to allow the drops to reach the each drum
Care Olive Oil Ear Drops contain:
Extra virgin olive oil 100% v/v
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